If luck turns on you, betting can be a real headache and become a painfully expensive business. But a promotion or betting benefit with a refund can make a difference since it will allow you to recover the money wagered if you make a bet and lose. In short, this is what this type of promotion is based on, which offer online betting sites very often as offers for depositing funds, in which the customer enters a sum of money and can make a riskless bet of the same amount.

You have to keep in mind that you will only get the profits from it since the bet amount disappears in that same moment; In the case of failing the bet with the refund money, the user does not receive any money at all and the promotion is completed in full. A typical example of this type of promotion is a refund if you bet on a football match and no goal is scored. You have bet on a concrete result but the match ends in a tie to zero, then the bet will be returned. That means that if you bet $5 you will be returned $5

Daily many questions arise about the blackjack betting system, one of the most common is what is the best betting system?

One of the best ways to answer this question is to demonstrate with certain data the reason for the response. For that, you have to simulate the 4 different betting patterns suggested by some of the people who asked.

The 4 patterns that had been suggested were:

  • A direct bet of $5 on each hand.
  • When a player wins the inside bet increase the bet by 40 or 50%.
  • Each time the player wins double the bet.
  • If the player ties, leave the bet as it was in the previous hand.

As in the case of all the bonuses and promotions and offers of the casinos, you should read the terms and conditions to avoid having unpleasant surprises later. In the case of a refund bonus, what you should consider is whether the casino establishes a limit to the amount of monthly or weekly money that you can recover using this type of bonus, the number of times you must bet to get one, what Games are included and which are excluded when counting the losses or if you must have a minimum amount of money in your account. You cannot tell you literally what are the conditions of a refund bonus bet because each casino (check Playamo for great bonuses) establishes its own rules and conditions of play, what you can tell you is that you read the fine print of the terms and conditions of any bonus and promotion or even when registering at a casino.

Before viewing any of the data you should analyze the information that you already know about the game. Starting from there, the global return of each session was always the same. You will explain it in a comprehensible way with some examples. Imagine that a casino offers a weekly return bonus of 20% with a limit of $50.

Player A loses $200 in a week; therefore, 200 x 0.2 = $40 will be returned to your account.

Player B loses $400. You should get a bonus of $80 (400 x 0.2), but due to the maximum limit, only $5 is returned.

If the amount wagered by you does not alter the refund at all, then that is where you will know that this will be the case. In each hand that you want to bet the amount is not important, they can be 10, 30, 50 or even 100 dollars, or if you bet a random amount of money in each hand. Since you should always keep in mind that it is the reimbursement, the reimbursement is an operation whereby a person receives the money that he has given as part of the payment, the amount of the payment or the amount that he has bet on by the casino.

Start betting $5 would be a good choice because if you think you can play with only $100 for a full week, find out that you are totally wrong. Because this figure goes up to 25% in the second betting scheme, and in the third, it reaches up to 66%. If the objective is to play 100 complete hands, it is best to start betting $5.

If you start betting as stated above with only $5, you will end up being a born winner 49% of the time. This is the best opportunity if you want to win 100 or more hands. Since that percentage is reduced to 44 in the second scheme, and with the final scheme reaches a surprising 28%, due to the bankruptcy rate this is no surprise, because when you go bankrupt there is nothing to do. Obviously, if you bet more or increase the rate of your funds you will also increase the amount of money you can lose, but if you are lucky you can double that fund increase you made.

What would be left to calculate or measure, is to know how much you could win or lose. If the third scheme is where you lose the most, it causes you to lose $100 approximately every 2 of 3 times. So to recover 100% again, something must be balanced.

You have a low chance of winning more than $100 since that possibility is 22%. You would have to track each band of $10 below $100 (ie, $1 to $10 from $11 to $20, etc.). The chance of winning $20 is the same as losing the same amount. But at the time of losing $100, the profits did not reach this limit. By observing and analyzing the patterns you can see that the third pattern is the one with which you have the most chance of a significant victory. In the first scheme, the percentage of winning $100 was 6% betting only $5 and with the second scheme, the percentage was below 14% percent.

After having seen all the betting plans, a very important question arises: “Of the betting plans, which is the best?” Without a doubt, this question has no answer. The best option for all the patterns that were shown is that of the figure of the return. The only thing that changes is volatility. In the Bankroll (the amount that is available to bet) this causes an impact that must cover you and the amount of profit or loss you can expect.

The amount you take to the table to bet and have the patience for the ups and downs of big bets is already a personal choice.