Despite the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act making it impossible for U.S. players to gamble online, many online casino servers are not in the United States. This Act is part of the 2006 Safe Port Act. While some casinos do not allow U.S. citizens to join, there are plenty that will. You can search the various websites that provide information and reviews about casinos available for U.S. players to locate. These websites compare the best online casinos concerning bonuses codes and promotions. These reviews include information about bonus offers, deposit options, and the types of games each online casino offers that accept U.S. players.

Casino Networks Have a Hard Time Accepting U.S. Players

The UIGEA has regulated how payments are made to and from banks. This makes it more difficult for US-based casino operators to accept players. This law prohibits banks from receiving or sending payments to online gambling organizations. This law has discouraged casinos from operating in the U.S. Therefore, U.S. players must look elsewhere for legal online gambling.

The Internet has provided a way out for casinos. Look at the websites of agencies that provide information about online casinos that accept U.S. players. It will be apparent that they have taken a different interpretation of the law. According to them, games of skill cannot be regulated if there is no chance for the house to win a wager. These casinos permit U.S. players to play poker, as they believe it is legal for U.S. banks, in this case, to transfer money to them.

Many lawsuits seeking to interpret UIGEA regarding the above aspect of UIGEA are currently pending in the U.S. courts. The U.S. judicial system has yet to give a clear definition of UIGEA. It states that banks cannot transfer funds to or from casinos networks. However, US-based players can still play skill games for real money at the casinos they accept.

Find reliable online casinos that accept U.S. players.

It is essential to find an online site that provides detailed information about online casinos that permit U.S. players to play. Unfortunately, unauthorized casinos have taken advantage that many reputable online casino sites based in other countries have left the U.S. market due to the enforcement provisions of UIGEA.

These lesser-known casinos were able to penetrate the U.S. market and have attracted players who couldn’t get another chance to play. These websites offer detailed information about the games played, bonus codes, online promotions, and customer support. Experts also provide recommendations.